Thursday, 21 November 2013


For my Organizational Application course in Public Relations at Mohawk College, we took on a fundraising project. I was placed into a team of six people and we chose to work with the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton. For more information on the United way, watch this video;

With a budget of $10 our goal was to raise $300. Our plan was to hold a prize raffle in the C Wing of Mohawk College Wednesday November 13th from 11am to 1 pm (during common hour). This is the time of the week where the most students are on campus at once. Using donated prizes including a pair of luxury suite Raptors tickets we planned to charge participants $2 a ticket, three for $5 or 20 for $20. 

The Communication Tactics we used included:

-       Developing flyers and posters to advertise the raffle and distributing and posting them around campus a week prior to the event.

-       Creating a Facebook page for the event and inviting people through the use of social media. Also posted the event on the Mohawk College Facebook page.

-       Using #beahero and encouraging participants to use it in order to spread the word through social media outlets such as instagram, twitter and Facebook. 

-       Using banners and posters at the event lent to us from the United Way

-       Radio announcement on ‘Indi’ promoting the event

-       Teammates dressed up as heroes during the event, to draw attention and promote our message Be A Hero. 

Our Key Message: Be A Hero.

 Below is the Timeline and the budget we followed to complete the fundraiser.

Our Fundraiser was a success, we raised $551.30.

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