Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Welcome to my Blog

I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted the focus of my blog to be as there are many different aspects of my life. Sometimes I may want to write about things related to school, public relations, volunteer work, synchronized skating, fashion, politics, family, etc. Therefore, my blog will include whatever I feel like writing about and how it relates to me and my life.

Self Portrait (Drawn by my cousin Samuel O'Donoghue)

So here is a little information about me;

I am a Ryerson University graduate with a degree in Politics and Governance pursuing further education in public relations at Mohawk College.

This is my graduation day at Ryerson (me with my parents).

 I currently am a member of the Brant Crystal Formations synchronized skating team and have been figure skating since I was three.

This is my team.

I love spending time with my friends and family.

This is a photo of my family (My parents, me, my sister, my brother).

My dad and I have the same birthday (This year we did Edgewalk together).

My extended family is HUGE! Here is a photo of a small portion of us.

Here is my dog Murphy.

I spend most of the summers at my cottage in French River, Ontario. It is my favourite place to be.

While studying at Ryerson University, I lived in the city for four years. I love Toronto and cannot wait to live there again.

This past summer I participated in Row for Heart, here is a photo of my all female rowing team.

Last winter I traveled to Washington, DC with my sister, here are some photos above. The Lincoln Monument and The Library of Congress. 

Hope you enjoyed this small sneak peak into my life, future blog posts may include discussion on current events, fashion through instagram, my social media obsession and iphone app recommendations.


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